MrBluz Poetry

MrBluz, a slam master and coach of SlamCharlotte, is a vital partner in the Making It Better campaign. His spoken word/poetry is used to achieve positive change in our schools and across our community. Through his work, MrBluz helps students and adults alike get a clear understanding about who we are and more importantly, finding profound relevance for our daily lives. Click on the green arrows below to listen to his messages.

  • You Are Unique
    Watch and listen to Bluz and his powerful message about finding the inner beauty in your smile. Accept that your scars are perfect. Keep rocking… listen to the soundtrack of your life and define your own existence. Stay fresh even when the only option seems like ordinary.

  • Self Worth and Hope
    Bluz eloquently stresses how Self Worth and Hope are central to everything you do. It affects your behavior and thoughts. It changes how you feel about and value yourself. Take a moment and listen to his words AND appreciate just how important each of us is.

  • Hear My Voice
    Hear My Voice is a unique look at advocacy and change. The message? Believe that everyone has the right to safe and healthy surroundings. Working together, we can achieve our mission to engage, educate and empower youth to build lives and communities free from violent behaviors.

  • Engage
    Bluz instills pride and ownership in building an environment for self-expression and growth. Empowered students need to come together to create a positive climate for societal change and raise awareness in the community in which we all live, work and play.